Running An Engine Lathe - Colvin

Running An Engine Lathe - Colvin
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Running An Engine Late - Colvin

The engine lathe is still the most widely used machine tool in the average machine shop. For although it has been replaced by the hand- and power-feed turret lathes, the automatic screw machine, and various special machine tools, these are only profitable where duplicate parts are to be made, not necessarily in mass production.
The average shop, especially the repair or job shop, still depends largely on the engine lathe owing to the great variety of work that can be done on it. For this means a knowledge of the engine lathe and how it is used is the best foundation for those who want to become familiar with the machinist trade. An understanding of the workings of the engine lathe, its cutting tools, the turning of tapers, the cutting of screw threads, and testing of the lathe for accuracy will make the operation of any other machine tool comparatively easy.
This small but jam-packed book will show you all the basic techniques of running a lathe. 5-1/2" x 8-1/2". Paperback. 117 pages.
Fred H. Colvin. New York, N. Y., February, 1941

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