Lathe Operations - Barritt

Lathe Operations - Barritt
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Lathe Operations - Barritt

The lathe is a machine which is designed primarily for turning and boring work that must be round. Like almost any other machine it can be used for many different kinds of work other than that for which it was originally designed. In the following jobs, however, these special operations will not be considered since they are, strictly speaking, separate and distinct from the regular work usually done on the lathe and should not be attempted except by experienced operators in an emergency, as they cannot be done with any degree of efficiency. Some of these operations are cutting gears, cutting key-ways (both internal and external), and various milling and grinding operations.

Lathes are built in several different types the engine, turret, automatic engine, automatic turret, and automatic screw machines. Each of these has its variations which are designed to do special kinds of work. Operations on the engine lathe only will be considered in these jobs, since the principles underlying its operation are fundamental for all the various types of lathes. Sizes. The size of the lathe is generally given as the diameter of the largest piece that can be swung between centers. For instance, an 18" lathe will not take anything between centers that is greater than 18" diameter. This diameter is usually found by taking the distance from the LATHE.

The original title of this technical school textbook was Lathe Job Operations and was part of a series entitled "Job Tickets on Modern Machine Shop Practice". You get a brief introduction to the lathe, and then you get detailed step-by-step lessons. Here's a machine shop course you can take at your own speed. 8-1/2" x 11". Paperback. 176 pages.


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